Attention to detail

This is all about MomoKaz. MomoKaz is a new brand. Our strength is the attention to detail. Customer needs are our focus. Our mission is to pioneer Home and Kitchen, Sports and outdoor, Kitchen and Dining and electronic accessories sector. We aim to sell products that are innovative user friendly and very enjoyable.

What we will do for you

MomoKaz is aiming for top level of customer satisfaction both in products and day to day dealings. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competitive price. We come up with ideas and also take on board your ideas so we can establish better relationship with your company. With your help and service we want our business to reach a new height in trading and sales. We encourage new and experienced business partners to trust us to take on their products and make it a success. Our company MomoKaz, hopes to do great friendly business transactions with you and looking forward to excellent friendship in the consumer world.

Revenue Objective

In our budget, our company forecast is $1.1M in revenue and we aim to increase this revenue even further as we are buying more products. We are also focusing to increase our sales volume to rise as we are sales channels across different platforms.

Why are we different

We respect and value our business partner’s culture, professionalism and most importantly their time. Because we know it takes time to write and email and answer it and time is money. we make sure both our customer and supplier is happy with our product and service accordingly. We are transparent with business process and you are welcome to query us for anything.

We want you to be happy with our MomoKaz products and service, that is our ultimate aim.