We are specialized product designer and developer. We research the market trends and popular products on four main amazon categories and all their sub-categories

  1. Health and Personal care
  2. Home and Garden
  3. Home and Kitchen
  4. Phone and Accessories

Our core objective is to find opportunity to develop a product further, both in functionality and design so it can meet the consumer needs. Our consumer base is in USA for now. But we are expanding our reach to all over Europe and other parts of the world in the coming months. Amazon is our first choice, its only because its very easy to research consumer requirements on a certain product. We are aiming to ebay as well, but as you know they have two different business model.

So the above picture actually says it all about us. Its a very abstract but informative about the deep insight of our business. We take the tomatoes, as a popular product and then research, consult, design and develop more variations of it, which are still tomatoes but looks better, tastes better.

Our product is to make you feel great.