MomoKaz vision is all about giving.

Our vision is to make a self-sufficient community among the developing and poor countries.

Our logo speak for itself. MomoKaz is in the root, strong and confident, with two strong hands being me and Kabir, giving away our earnings to the troubled heart of the world. The world is not flat, the distribution of wealth is not even. So, we, who lives in privileged society having all sort advance technologies and resources at our fingertips need to get up and start doing something for the disadvantaged of the world. And so identified e-commerce through Amazon. Using their FBA facility. It is just the start, we will not stuck on this platform, our vision is to go beyond. We will pioneer new product design and development to facilitate the consumer world. We will invest in small businesses to help them grow, with our qualities, skills and above all enthusiasm.

So, don’t forget to wish us success. Our success will make a better future for the coming generations.

Our list of visions includes, Planting trees, digging wells, farming, establishing primary schools above all creating small businesses to make the community self sufficient.

Our vision is create millions of me and Kabir, throughout the world. We don’t want your money or donation. We want you to appreciate your every movement as a luxury and stop taking anything for granted. We want you to become self-confident, pro-active, entrepreneur and earn lots and lots of money so you can do good things, make things better, change the world to a better place.

We want you to be the brother/sister of that orphan. We want you to be the son/daughter of that old one who has no one. We want you make the earth a better place than you found.

We wish you success.