About Us

We are two over enthusiastic, highly optimistic, energized friends who got together to accomplish a very big vision.

We discussed many business opportunities, did researching planning in our own times. We both Knew internet was a very progressive way to do business so we put our ideas together and thought about starting a business through Amazon FBA and we really want to become successful entrepreneurs.

Who is Kabir

I started work at a very young age after finishing full time education. In 2006 i got employed by British Telecommunication as a Mobile Security Officer working all around central london area relieving and supporting colleagues at their work place, sometimes walking long distance experiencing all kind of london weather. After two years i was chosen to work at the iconic British Telecommunication Tower.

Its famous revolving restaurant hosted royalty many celebrities, business men and women from around the world to come and do business, working in a corporate environment it taught me many customer relation and service skills. I believe these skills will be utilized in my business dealings which is utmost important to me.

I really want to spend more time with my family and hope when one day i come to a stage where i have a lot of time, I would use it doing charity work in less developed countries and put smile on peoples faces.

Who was Muhammad

Muhammad is a geek and he has two wives, first one is a machine always sitting on his lap and second one is a human. That describes me. I was in almost all careers of IT, including Lecturer, Developer, Manager, Consultancy and so on. I have been in this field over 15 years.

Business is in my family blood, but I was the only exception, trying to settle with regular job. In the last couple of years, I have been helping numerous family members and friends to setup and kick start their business who were really struggling. And seeing their easy lifestyle kept on pushing me to start my own.

MomoKaz is all about giving. I have met the best friend, Kabir during my work near him. And he has just the right mindset that I was looking for to start business with. It is impossible to have a business partner who would not have the same passion to give away as much as possible to the disadvantaged of this world. Our logo speak for itself. MomoKaz is in the root, strong and confident, with two strong hands being me and Kabir, giving away our earnings to the troubled heart of the world.

So, don’t forget to wish us success.

How did it all start

Both of us used to give BIG, handsome amount of our salary to charitable causes. For years we kept on doing that, but the world kept on becoming more war torn, poorer and unhealthy place to live. Here in western world we take things for granted. We thought we need a change. We need to do more, and to do more we need more money. And the only way to earn more is to start our own business.

So MomoKaz was born. With the first names of my parents combined together, also with M for my initial and K for Kabir, strongly holding the root of the tree.

We are young, energetic so we are looking for a bright future ahead. With our patience and perseverance we aim to grow exponentially and replace the bad with good.